Customer Master Record

Transportation zone
(Changes to address are updated in created sales documents)

Reconciliation account

Sales district: region where customer is located
Sales office
Sales group
Customer group: used for reporting and pricing
Switch off rounding
Product attributes
Order probability
Authorization group
Item proposal
Acct at cust.
UoM group
Exchange rate type
PP cust. procedure
Price group:
Customer pricing procedure:
Price list
Customer statistics group
Relevant for agency business

Delivery priority:
Shipping conditions:
Delivery plant: lower priority than customer-material info record but higher than material master record
Relevant for Proof of Delivery
POD timeframe
Order combination
Complete delivery required by law: check to disable partial delivery
Partial delivery per item: lower priority than customer-material info record
Maximum partial deliveries: lower priority than customer-material info record
Unlimited tolerance:
Underdelivery tolerance
Overdelivery tolerance
Transportation zone

Subs. invoice processing
Rebate: check to enable rebate processing
Price determination:
Invoicing dates
Invoicing list dates
Incoterms: copied to sales document
Terms of payment: copied to sales document
Credit control area
Paym. guar. proc.
Account assignment group
Tax category
Tax classification: used together with tax classification in material master to determine tax

Partner function