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Credit/debit memo request
Invoice correction request

Credit/Debit Memo Requests
Credit and debit memo requests can be created with reference to a billing document or a sales order

When you create a credit/debit memo request, the document automatically contains a billing block
This block prevents the document from being billed immediately
Once the process has been checked by the responsible employees, the credit/debit memo request can be released by removing the billing block

After the billing block has been removed, the corresponding billing documents can be created and the required accounting documents are generated automatically

Create Sales Order
Create Outbound Delivery
Create Transfer Order
Create Billing Document
Create Credit Memo Request
Create Credit Memo Request > Create with Reference > Order
Create Credit Memo Request > Create with Reference > Item Selection
Create Credit Memo Request > Selection List for Reference Document > Edit > Copy
Create Credit Memo Request > Overview > Sales > Order Reason
Change Credit Memo Request > Overview > Item Overview > Billing Block
Create Credit Memo