Goods Returns
The returns can be document can be created with reference to a billing document or a sales order

When you create the returns document, the system asks you to maintain an order reason (for example, ‘Damaged Transit’) for evaluation purposes
In addition, the document automatically contains a billing block to prevent a credit memo from being created directly

When the goods arrive at your warehouse, the corresponding goods receipt has to be posted
To do so, a returns delivery has to be created first with reference to the returns document
The relevant quantity is usually posted to a separate returns stock rather than to the unrestricted-use stock

Once the process has been approved and the billing block has been removed, the credit memo and the required accounting documents can be created
The correct amount is automatically credited to the customer account
This step can be carried out independently from the posting of the goods receipt

Create Returns Document
Create Outbound Delivery
Create Outbound Delivery > Post Goods Receipt
Stock Overview > Returns
Change Returns Document > Overview > Sales > Billing Block
Create Credit for Returns