Process Overview
Customer returns involve the return of goods from a customer to a company location
With Advanced Returns Management, all returns methods can be handled and automated, including returns made at the counter, returns that involve a shipment to the warehouse (including subsequent reverse logistics), and direct shipments from customer to vendor

Customer returns that involve a shipment to other company locations or to external vendors also require Supplier Returns Processing

Customer Returns Order
The customer returns order is the starting point of the process

A returns order can be created with reference to a previous sales order or the related billing document
The returns information for a customer returns order is retained at the item level of the operation

Follow-up Activities
Sales representatives and warehouse employees can enter inspection results directly in the returns order for materials that have been handed over physically at the counter, or that have been shipped to the warehouse without prior announcement

Customer Refund Determination
You can use customer refund determination to determine how much to refund the customer and then to create the corresponding credit memo request
In the returns order, sales representatives specify when and how the customer is to be refunded

They can also specify the refund amount simply by selecting a refund code
If the refund cannot be fully processed in the returns order, sales representatives and returns managers can define the refund amount separately

Process Monitoring
In the returns overview, you can analyze all the steps in the returns process, all the follow-up documents created as part of the process, as well as information about the status of logistical processing and refunding