Promotion and Sales Deal
You can define a promotion or a general marketing plan for a product line for a certain period of time
You can link the promotion with specific sales deals, which are linked to special condition records that are used for promotional pricing or discounts

Example of a Sales Deal
The sales deal example in the figure depicts a summer sales promotion, which contains several sales deals for various product lines
The condition records for discounts are linked to the corresponding sales deals

Sales Deals and Promotions in the Billing Document
The detail screen of a billing item displays the sales deal number and promotion number fields
Sales Information System (SIS) enables you to capture and report the statistics for sales deals and promotions by using a user-defined information structure

Release Status for Sales Deals
Possible values
” = released
A = blocked
B = released for price simulation
C = released for price simulation and planning

The release status of a sales deal controls where you can find the condition records for a sales agreement
For example, if the activity has status B, the activity records are included in the pricing simulation (net price list) but not used in the current documents
If the activity has status C, the condition records are considered while planning in the Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) component

VB31 Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Master Data > Agreements > Promotion > Create
Create Promotion > Enter
VB21 Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Master Data > Agreements > Sales Deal > Create
Create Sales Deal > Reference Promotion
Reference Agreement > Copy
Change Sales Deal > Conditions
Valid Condition Types and Key Combinations > K007 > Enter
Create Standard Order
Create Standard Order > Item > Conditions
Create Outbound Delivery
Create Billing Document
Invoice Create: Billing Documents > Item Details > Item Detail > Promotion, Sales Deal