Rebate Agreements
Rebate Agreement Type/Condition Table/Condition Type
Customer and material (percentage rebate) – BO01
Customer and rebate group (percentage rebate) – BO01
Customer and material (absolute rebate) – BO02
Customer (percentage rebate) – BO03
Customer hierarchy (percentage rebate) – BO04
Customer hierarchy and material (percentage rebate) – BO05
Independent of sales volume – BO06

You can define rebates on as many levels as you require
This is similar to any other pricing condition

The standard version of the SAP ERP system provides the following rebate agreement types
Material rebate
Customer rebate
Customer hierarchy rebate
Material group rebate
Rebate that is independent of sales volume

The extended rebate processing function is an extension of the SAP ERP rebate processing function
You can use the extended rebate processing function to process business transactions that occur frequently in the customer goods sector (for example, the beverage industry)
This function includes indirect sales, which occur frequently in the beverage industry

In the extended rebate processing function, the system can model and settle rebates for specific articles
The system allocates the defined rebate levels to individual articles and provides a wide range of analyses in the Profitability Analysis (CO-PA) component

Consider the following restrictions
Ensure that you use either the extended rebate processing function or the SAP ERP rebate processing function
To use the extended rebate processing function, you have to activate the function in Customizing for billing (for example, activate information structure S469)

Create of Rebate Agreements
You can create a rebate agreement with a specific rebate agreement type
The features of each rebate agreement type are set in Customizing

Condition Records for Rebate Agreements
The condition records that are linked to rebate agreements specify the rebate rate and the accrual rate

You can specify the following details in the rebate agreements
The condition types that are to be used with this rebate agreement type
The validity period

Rebate Processing
Rebates are different from other discounts
Rebates are paid retrospectively and are based on the billed sales volume that the customer generates within a specified period
The rebate details are defined in a rebate agreement

A settlement run automatically creates the required credit memo request
When the rebate-relevant billing documents are processed, accruals can be automatically determined and posted
You can use the rebate credit memo to reverse these accruals, if required

Prerequisites for Rebate Processing
To function properly, rebate processing must be activated for the following elements
The sales organization
The payer master
The billing document type

To improve performance, deactivate rebate processing if it is not necessary

Rebate Processing – Create a Rebate-Relevant Billing Document
Rebate processing starts with creating a rebate-relevant billing document

Rebate Processing – Determine Valid Rebates
The pricing procedure determines the valid rebates by using the rebate basis subtotal

Rebate Processing – Assign an Access Sequence
An access sequence is assigned to each rebate condition type

Rebate Processing – Search for Valid Rebate Condition Records
The system uses the access sequence to search for the valid rebate condition records
If valid rebate condition records are found, the accrual rate is read

Requirement 24 in the pricing procedure ensures that the rebate conditions are only used in the billing documents

Requirement 25 in the pricing procedure ensures that the rebate conditions are only used in rebate-relevant billing documents

Rebate Processing – Calculate Rebate Accrual Amount
The rebate accrual amount is calculated by using the rebate basis

Rebate Processing – Post the Accrual Amount
The system posts an accrual to the Financial Accounting (FI) component as soon as the rebate-relevant billing document is released to accounting
At the same time, the system updates the rebate basis and the accrual amount on the Rebate Agreement Sales Volume screen

Rebate Settlements
The system uses the accumulated amounts in the rebate agreement to create a rebate settlement
Status BLANK refers to an open rebate agreement and status A refers that settlement is being checked for release

Rebate Settlements – Generate a Rebate Credit Memo Request
The system generates a rebate credit memo request for the specified rebate payment amount
When you settle rebate agreements, the status must be changed manually to B (agreement released for settlement)

Rebate Settlements – Display Sales Volume
You can display the sales volume and drilldown in the rebate agreement
You can perform a final settlement for the rebate agreement in the following methods
In the background (by using the batch programs, RV15C001 and RV15C002)

Accruals are reversed as soon as the rebate agreement is settled by a credit memo

Partial Rebate Settlement
In the rebate agreement, you can set the following limits for partial rebate settlments
Up to the accumulated accrual amount
Up to the calculated payment amount for the current date
An unlimited amount

Accruals are reversed automatically when a credit memo is created, as long as the rebate agreement type is set accordingly in Customizing

Settlement Material
You can define a rebate that does not refer ton a particular material, but rather to a group of materials or to a customer
In this case, you must refer to a settlement material to provide information at the material level

Maintain the rebate material in the material master in the Sales and Accounting views

Settlement Material – Source for Material Master Data
When creating a credit memo, the settlement material is the source for important material master data, such as for accounts determination

Retroactive Rebate Agreements
Retroactive rebate agreements allow you to take into account billing documents that were created before the rebate agreement

Retroactive Rebate Agreements – Record the Rebate Basis
The rebate basis for the billing documents that were created previously is accumulated and recorded in the rebate agreement

The accrual amount is not automatically updated for existing billing documents
You have to enter this amount manually

Retroactive Rebate Agreements – Update the Rebate Basis and Accrual Fields
For the rebate-relevant billing documents that are created after the rebate agreement is created, the Rebate Basis and Accrual fields are updated automatically in the rebate agreement

Display Customer > Sales Area > Billing Documents > Rebate
Sales and Distribution > Billing > Rebate Processing
Choose Activity > Select Billing Documents for Rebate Processing
Choose Activity > Activate Rebate Processing for Sales Organization
VB01 Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Master Data > Agreements > Rebate Processing > Create
Create Rebate Agreement > Enter
Create Material Rebate: Overview Agreement > Conditions
Create Material Rebate: Overview Material Rebate > Scales
Create Standard Order
Create Standard Order
Create Outbound Delivery
Create Outbound Delivery
Create Billing Document
Create Billing Document

You may get the following message:
The sales volume for agreement xy is not current
If you get this message, on the SAP Easy Access screen, choose Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Rebates > Update Billing Documents
Run report SDBONT06 for your payer (customer), T-L67B15

VBOF Logistics > Sales and Distribution > Billing > Rebates > Update Billing Documents
Update Billing Documents > Execute
Display Rebate Agreement > Conditions
Valid Condition Types and Key Combinations > BO02
Display Material Rebate: Overview Material Rebate > Goto > Payment Data

The accruals and business volume are updated when the accounting document for billing is created

Change Rebate Agreement
Change Material Rebate: Overview Agreement > Pay
Change Material Rebate: Overview Conditions > Save
Display Rebate Agreement > Rebate Payments > Rebate Documents
Select Rebate Document Types > Partial Settlement > Continue
Change Partial Rebate Settlement Request > Overview
Change Partial Rebate Settlement Request: Overview > Billing Block
Create Billing Document
Display Rebate Agreement > Conditions > Goto > Payment Data
Display Material Rebate: Material Rebate Payment Data > Rebate Payments > Sales Volume
Display Material Rebate: Material Rebate Payment Data > Rebate Payments > Rebate Documents
Material Rebate: Material Rebate Payment Data > Rebate Payments > Drill-Down