Pro Forma invoices
Billing types for pro forma invoices are available for export transactions

You can create pro forma invoices with reference to orders or deliveries
You do not need to post the goods issue before creating a delivery-related pro forma invoice

You can create as many pro forma invoices as required
This is because the billing status in the reference document is not updated

Data from pro forma invoices is not transferred to Financial Accounting

In copying control, the Positive/Negative Quantity field is not available for entry to avoid the possibility of a pro forma invoice updating the quantity that has already been billed in the reference document

Cash Sales
For cash sales, payment is made when the goods are ordered
The invoice is also printed at this tome

The SAP system offers a cash sale transaction for business transactions of this type

Cash sales have the following characteristics
The order and the delivery are created in one step, although you receive a document for each
The goods issue is posted at a later time as a separate transaction, so that the customer does not have to wait

Order type CS is used for cash sales
It has its own output type RD03, which allows you to print an invoice (receipt) from the order

You can create the actual billing document later, after you have posted the goods issue
To do this, use billing document type CS
Type CS is configured as follows
It is order-related billing
There is no output determination, because this has already been carried out in the order
There is no new price determination, because the pricing should not differ from the printed invoice
Posting in Financial Accounting is made to a cash settlement account, not to the customer
Billing type SV is used for cancellations in cash sales


Create Cash Sale
Create Cash Sale: Overview > Save
Display Cash Sale > Preview
Change Outbound Delivery > Post Goods Issue
Create Billing Document
Create Billing Document > Enter