Invoice List
Invoice list are mainly used by purchasing associations, when the head office settles billing documents for all the stores
The head office is not sent all the stores’ individual invoices, but is sent an invoice list on specific dates

Invoice lists contain various billing documents (invoices, credit memos, and debit memos) and can be sent to a payer on specified days or at certain intervals

Maintaining Data in Customizing for Sales and Distribution
The system administrator has to maintain the following data in Customizing for Sales and Distribution
If you have agreed upon a factoring discount, maintain condition type RL00 (factoring discount) as well as condition type MW15
Each billing type to be included in an invoice list must be assigned an invoice list type
The standard SAP version included two invoice list types, LG for credit memos and LR for invoices and debit memos

You also need to maintain the following master data
Define a factory calendar that specifies when invoices lists are to be created
Enter this factory calendar in the payer customer master record (Invoicing List Dates field on the Billing Documents tab page)
Maintain condition records for condition type, RL00, for the payer
Create output condition records for the condition types LR00 and RD01
(You can use communications technology to decide whether invoice documents are sent to the customer when the invoice is created or whether they are not sent until the invoice list is created

You can cancel invoice lists
In the case of factoring discounts, a corresponding cancellation document is created for FI