SAP SD – Sales Document Type

Sales Document Type
SD document category
Sales document block

Number systems
Number range internal assignment – document number range for automatic entry
Number range external assignment – document number range for manual entry
Item number increment – main item number
Sub-item increment – sub item number

General control
Reference mandatory – can only be created with reference
Check division
Check credit limit
Credit group
Output application
Material entry type
Item division
Read info record
Check purchase order number
Enter PO number
Commitment date

Transaction flow
Screen sequence group
Incomplete procedure – incomplete procedure for sales order header data maintained using another transaction
Transcation group
Document pricing procedure
Status profile
Alt.sales doc. type 1
Alt.sales doc. type 2
Display Range
Function Code for overview screen – default overview tab when creating order
Quotation messages
Outline agreement messages
Message: Mast.contr.
Incomplete messages – whether to allow saving of incomplete document

Scheduling Agreement type
MRP for DivSch Type
Delivery block

Delivery type – delivery document type
Delivery block – automatic delivery block
Shipping conditions – used to determine Shipping Point and Route with priority over Customer Master
Immediate delivery – create outbound delivery upon saving order

Dlv-rel.billing type – billing type for delivery relevant orders
Order-rel.bill.type – billing type for order relevant orders
Billing block – automatic billing block
CndType line items
Billing plan type
Paymet guarant. proc.
Paymt card plan type
Checking group

Requested delivery date/picking date/purchase order date
Lead time in days – default requested delivery date based on today + lead time
Date type
Prop.f.pricing date
Prop.valid-from date
Propose delivery date – add lead time to default requested delivery date
Propose PO date – use today as purchase order date

Contract profile
Billing request
Group Ref. Procedure
RDP Profile
Contract data allowed
Subseq.order type
Check partner auth.
Update low.lev.cont.

Availability check
Business transaction