SAP PP – Bills of Materials

BOM Category (defined by TCode)
1) Material BOM
2) Document structure
3) Equipment BOM
4) Functional location BOM
5) Order BOM

BOM Usage (determine which item status fields are required, optional or no entry)
1 – Production
2 – Engineering/design
3 – Universal
4 – Plant maintenance
5 – Sales and distribution
6 – Costing
7 – Returnable Packaging
8 – Stability Study
Different usage creates different BOM number

BOM Item Status
Production relevant
Plant maintenance
Spare part indicator
Relevant to sales
Costing Relevancy

BOM Status (allow or disallow processing i.e. can explode in MRP and released for planned order)
1 – Active
2 – Inactive
3 – Active with history reqmt
11 – E1 Engineering in Work
12 – E2 Engineering Approved
13 – P1 Production in Work
14 – P2 Production Approved
a) MRP explosion
b) Relevant planned orders
c) Release costing
d) Relevant to work scheduling
e) Relevant to production orders
f) Collective issue
g) Sales order explosion

Item Categories
C – Compatible Unit
D – Document item
I – PM structure item
K – Class item
L – Stock item
M – Phantom item
N – Non-stock item
R – Variable-size item
T – Text item
Material Input
Inventory Managed
+/- Sign
Item Control

Technical Type
1) Simple BOM
a) with plant
b) without plant – Group BOM
2) Variant BOM – many materials with similar components
3) Multiple BOM – same material with many BOM using BOM group

BOM Application

Types of BOM
1) Plant specific BOM
2) Group BOM
3) Multiple BOM using BOM group
4) Variant BOM using BOM group


BOM Number
Generated based on combination of:
1) Material Number
2) Plant
3) BOM Usage
Different Materials are assigned different BOM numbers
Different Plants are assigned different BOM numbers
Plant specific BOM and Group BOM are assigned different numbers
Plant specific BOM referenced from Group BOM via Plant Assignment are assigned same numbers
Different BOM Usages are assigned different BOM numbers

Copying BOM
If a BOM of the same combination already exists, can only copy from alternate BOM of the same combination
Cannot choose Material Number, Plant, BOM Usage

Plant Assignment
If Material is not extended to Plant, cannot create assignment
If plant specific BOM already exists, cannot create assignment

Material – each material has different BOM number
Plant – each plant has different BOM number
BOM Usage – each BOM usage has different BOM number
Technical type
BOM group – each group has different BOM number but same for plants assigned to same group

[Item][Basic Data]
Item category
1) L – stock item
2) N – non-stock item
3) R – variable-size item
4) D – document item
5) K – class item
Fixed quantity
Operation scrap in %
Net ID
Component scrap (%)
Recurs. allowed
Disontin. data
Distribution key
Phantom item
Explosion type
Special procurement

[Item][Status/Lng Text]
Production relevant
Plant maintenance
Spare part indicator
Relevant to sales
Mat. Provision Ind.
Bulk material
Prod. stor. location
Prodn Supply Area

Purch. Organization
Purch. Group
Cost element
Material Group

[Item][VS Item]
Formula key