SAP PP – Production Orders

Create without master data
Operation created automatically

Convert from planned order
Many planned orders to many production orders (one to one conversion)
One planned order to one production order
One planned order to many production orders
Copy components from planned order
Copy operations from routing

Create without planned order
Create for sales order
Create by copying another production order
Create for service without reference to a material

Order Type (order type)
Order Type Dependent Parameters (order type + plant)

Create with master data
Create using material
Create using material selecting production version

Material components (goods issue) – debit order
Activities (confirmations) – debit order
Material (goods receipt) – credit order
Settlement – credit order

Availability Check
Plant + Order Type > Checking Rule
Material Master MRP 3 > Checking Group for Availability check
MSPT if missing

MSCP if shortage

MSPR if status locked or if missing for material PRT

Goods Issue
Determination of Storage Location
1) Work center supply area
2) BOM item production storage location
3) BOM item production supply area
4) Material master MRP 2 production storage location
5) Material master MRP 2 default supply area
6) Production version issue storage location
7) Production version receiving location
8) Batch determination
9) No default storage location

Split Orders
1) Split with same material
2) Split with other material
3) Split to warehouse

WIP Batch
1) Set OB Management in Material Master Work Scheduling to 1 – Allowed
2) Enter OB Reference Material of type UNBW in Material Master Work Scheduling