SAP PP – Material Staging

KANBAN Master Data
1) Production Supply Area (used by one or more work centers)
Storage location
Person responsible
Unloading point
Delivery address
2) Control Cycle
Demand source (the production supply area)
Replenishment strategy
Supply source
Number of containers
Quantity (for each container)
Delivery address
Print parameters
Pallet position (position of material in production supply area)
Parameters for automatic KANBAN calculation

Empty – creates replenishment (i.e. creates Purchase Order in MD04)
Full – post goods receipt (i.e. removes Purchase Order in MD04)
Goods issue are backflushed during order confirmation or posted manually

Material Master MRP 4
Storage location MRP = 1 – storage location stock excluded from MRP
(Appears under individual planning segment PL03 SLoc Not Planned in MD04)

Production Supply Area
Storage Location
Person Responsible

Control Cycle
Supply Area
External Procurement
No. of Kanbans
Kanban Quantity
Print Card
Output Device

Determination of Storage Location
1) Work center > Basic Data > Supply Area
2) BOM item > Status/Lng Text > Prod. stor. location
3) BOM item > Status/Lng Text > Prodn Supply Area
4) MMR > MRP 2 > Prod. stor. location
5) MMR > MRP 2 > Default supply area

6) Production version
MRP group > production storage location selection = ‘ ‘ or 1
Component MMR MRP 2 > prod. stor. location
MRP group > production storage location selection = 2, 3 or 4
Production version > Issue stor. location
Production version > Receiving location
Assembly MMR > MRP 2 > prod. stor. location

9) Batch determination

MMR > MRP 2 > Backflush
Work center > Basic data > Backflush
Routing > Material component > Backflush